Greetings!  I'm Steve Postier and welcome to my web site.    2018-2019 is my
24th year teaching Social Studies full time.  My experience includes 11 years
in Minnesota and this is my 13th year in Texas.  This site is designed for my
Social Studies Classes.  It contains resources to help my students, complete
class work, develop study skills, prepare for the STAAR End of Course
Exam, and provide general information about the world we live in.  I am
currently teaching all of the courses shown below, on this page.  I have
taught Government Economics and Speech and developed a Personal
Financial Literacy (PFL) course.  Information about those classes can be
found by following one of the links below.  I update and add new material
periodically, so check back from time to time.  Please feel free to email me
with any questions, suggestions, or other ideas.  I always welcome feedback.
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