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PFL.1 Earning and spending. The student understands how to set personal financial goals. The student is expected to:
    (A) differentiate between needs and wants in evaluating spending decisions;
    (B) investigate the student's money personality, including spending and saving propensity;
    (D) develop financial goals for the short, medium, and long term that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time based.
PFL.2 Earning and spending. The student understands how financial statements are used to assess and monitor financial well-being.
    The student is expected to:
    (A) reconcile a bank statement with personal records to ensure the accuracy of deposits, withdrawals, and transfer activities;
    (B) track income and expenses and develop an income statement;
    (C) develop a budget that incorporates short-, medium-, and long-term financial goals;
    (F) evaluate the impact of unplanned spending on a budget.
PFL.5 Saving and investing. The student understands the importance of saving and investing in creating wealth and building assets.
    The student is expected to:
    (B) develop an intermediate-term saving and investing strategy to achieve a goal such as accumulating a down payment on a home or vehicle;
    (A) compare and contrast sources of credit such as banks, merchants, peer-to-peer, payday loans, and title loans;
    (B) compare and contrast types of credit, including revolving and installment credit, and collateralized loans versus unsecured credit;
    (C) evaluate the impact of credit decisions on monthly budget, income statement, and net worth statement.
Unit Objectives
Unit Objectives
Unit #6 Daily Lessons (Subject to change)
**Note: Any assignments NOT completed in class will be considered HOMEWORK**
Daily Activities
Monday, Nov. 14
Tuesday, Nov. 15
Wednesday, Nov. 16
Thursday, Nov. 17
Friday, Nov. 18
Monday, Nov. 21
Tuesday, Nov. 22
College Planning
Unit #6 TEST
Review & Prepare for Unit #6 TEST
These two days will be used
to review the information
and skills presented in this
unit and measure the
objectives learned.
Last Day to Turn in Missing Work
Without the 30% Discount
Study Guide
Wants and Needs - Luxury vs Necessity
Organizing My Eating Habits
Wants and Needs - Luxury vs Necessity
Personal Monthly Menu
Shopping List
Building a Budget
My Budget
Income and Expenses
Students will learn how to create a budget in Unit #6.  They will examine their
eating habits and create a one month menu that reflects their personal
choices.  The class will use their menu to create a shopping list.  They will add
to their list the items they will need around the house for cleaning and personal
hygiene.  Students will visit a grocery store to obtain accurate prices for the
items on their shopping list.  The class will study the difference between wants
(Luxuries) and needs (Necessities).  At the end of the unit, students will create
a budget that accurately reflects their future expenses.  They will learn about
making decisions and living within their means.