Unit #4 - The Global Economy
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Unit #4 - The Global Economy
Unit #4 Daily Lessons (Subject to change)
Unit #4 TEST
Review & Prepare for Unit #4 TEST
Monday, Feb. 20
Tuesday, Feb. 21
Wednesday, Feb. 22
Thursday, Feb. 23
Friday, Feb. 24
Monday, Feb. 27
Tuesday, Feb. 28
Wednesday, March 1
Thursday, March 2
Friday, March 3
These three days will be
used to review the
information and skills
presented in this unit
and measure the
objectives learned.
**Note: Any assignments NOT completed in class will be considered HOMEWORK**
**Note: Any assignments NOT completed in class will be considered HOMEWORK**
Daily Activities
Monday, March 6
Tuesday, March 7
Wednesday, March 8
Thursday, March 9
Friday, March 10
Unit Objectives
Unit Objectives
E.3 Economics. The student understands the reasons for international trade and its importance to the United States and the global economy. The student is expected to:
    E.3A Explain the concepts of absolute and comparative advantages.
    E.3B Apply the concept of comparative advantage to explain why and how countries trade.
    E.3C Analyze the impact of U.S. imports and exports on the United States and its trading partners.
E.4 Economics. The student understands the issues of free trade and the effects of trade barriers. The student is expected to:
    E.4A Compare the effects of free trade and trade barriers on economic activities.
    E.4B Evaluate the benefits and costs of participation in international free-trade agreements.
    E.4C Analyze the effects of changes in exchange rates on imports and exports.
E.11 Economics. The student understands key components of economic growth. The student is expected to:
    E.11C Analyze how trade relates to growth.
The Global Market
Effects of Globalization
Global Trade
Free Trade vs Protectionism
Resources and Trade Activity
Stock Market Project
Stock Market Project
CH 20-1 Review
Ch 17=3 Review
Ch 17-2 Review
Ch 17-1 Review
Last Day to Turn in Missing Work
Without the 30% Discount
Understanding & Correcting Test Mistakes
Study Guide
Field Day - AM Classes Only
In this unit the class will learn about the global economy.  Students will
study international trade.  They will analyze the interconnectedness of
nations in the global economy.  The class will evaluate trade policy and
discuss the benefits and negatives of Free Trade and Protectionism.  
Students will examine barriers to trade.  Students will also learn how
different economic systems work together to make life better for everyone.
Free Trade/Protectionism Chart
Resources and Trade
Fast Food Gone Global
Fast Food Gone Global
Fast Food Gone Global
Fast Food Gone Global
Made In?
Balance of Trade
Trading Partners
Interconnected Markets
Four Corners Globalization
Outsourcing & American Industry
What do Americans Do?
Where Do We
Build Our Factory?
Research Countries
For Outsourcing
Fast Food Gone Global
Globalization Activity
Homework, Enrichment, and Alternate Assignments
Read: Chapter 18-1
Economic Development
Read: Chapter 17
Resources for Global Trade
Read: Chapter 18-2
Read: Chapter 18-3
Global Problems
Stock Market Project
Market Sim