Unit #9 - The 1950s
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Unit #9/Six Weeks TEST
Monday, Feb. 18
Tuesday, Feb. 19
Wednesday, Feb. 20
Thursday, Feb. 21
Friday, Feb. 22
These two days will be
used to review the
information and skills
presented in this unit
and measure the
objectives learned.
**Note: Any assignments NOT completed in class will be considered HOMEWORK**
Daily Activities
Unit #9 Daily Lessons (Subject to change)
**Note: Any assignments NOT completed in class will be considered HOMEWORK**
Unit Objectives
Unit Objectives
Unit #9 - The 1950s
US.2 History. The student understands traditional historical points of reference in U.S. history from 1877 to the present. The student is expected to:
      US.2A Identify the major characteristics that define an historical era. Supporting Standard
      US.2C Apply absolute and relative chronology through the sequencing of significant individuals, events, and time periods. Supporting Standard
US.14 Geography. The student understands the relationship between population growth and modernization on the physical environment. The student is expected to:
      US.14A Identify the effects of population growth and distribution on the physical environment. Readiness Standard
US.17 Economics. The student understands the economic effects of World War II and the Cold War. The student is expected to:
      US.17B Identify the causes of prosperity in the 1950s, including the Baby Boom and the impact of the GI Bill (Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944), and the effects of
                    prosperity in the 1950s such as increased consumption and the growth of agriculture and business. Readiness Standard
      US.17C Describe the economic impact of defense spending on the business cycle and education priorities from 1945 to the 1990s. Supporting Standard
US.25 Culture. The student understands the relationship between the arts and the times during which they were created. The student is expected to:
      US.25A Describe how the characteristics and issues in U.S. history have been reflected in various genres of art, music, film, and literature. Supporting Standard
      US.25B Describe both the positive and negative impacts of significant examples of cultural movements in art, music, and literature such as...the Beat Generation,
                    rock and roll, the Chicano Mural Movement, and country and western music on American society. Readiness Standard
      US.25C Identify the impact of popular American culture on the rest of the world over time. Supporting Standard
      US.25D Analyze the global diffusion of American culture through the entertainment industry via various media. Supporting Standard
US.26 Culture. The student understands how people from various groups contribute to our national identity. The student is expected to:
      US.26E Discuss the meaning and historical significance of the mottos "E Pluribus Unum" and "In God We Trust." Supporting Standard
US.27 Science, technology, and society. The student understands the impact of science, technology, and the free enterprise system on the
economic development of the United States. The student is expected to:
      US.27B Explain how specific needs result in scientific discoveries and technological innovations in agriculture, the military, and medicine, including vaccines. Supporting Standard
Unit #9 focuses on Post War America.  Students will study the growth and expansion of
the United States after World War II.  They will examine how the GI Bill helped spur
Economic growth.  The class will learn about new forms of entertainment such as
television, movies, rock and roll, and country western music.  Students will study how
the development of America's highway system led to a middle class migration to the
suburbs.  The class will discuss the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower.
Post War Growth and Prosperity
The 1950s
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Reading Review
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Truman & Eisenhower
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Affluent Society
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Other Side of American Life
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America in Color: The 1950s